Management Consultancy, Training and Development in Health and Social Care

As the government continues to conduct the process of change – health and social care workers continuously need to understand the nature of policy changes. Training and development continues to be an area which is seen as essential for anyone working in the care field.

Given the implementation of National Care Standards and the present education, social care and health reforms even experienced practitioners must continuously revisit their knowledge of the work they perform. Health and social care workers must also stay abreast of any recent developments in the work they do.

We offer management consultancy as well as training and development in childcare.  Evans Management & Professional Training provides a service that tailors for corporate and individual needs. We have a wealth of experience and are imaginative and resourceful in our management consultancy, training and development in social/child care course provision.

Evans Management and Professional Training consider the services it provides to be of high quality. This is reflective in the services that presently meet EMPT customer’s needs. We endeavour to ensure that our trainers  are representative of the community we serve. The organisation is committed to empowering people and promoting equality and inclusion. Our courses are now available online via video link.

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