EMPT® Professionally Facilitated Health and Social Care training courses:

Training and Development in health and social care

  • Duty of Care Training
  • Empowerment & Advocacy Training
  • Equality and inclusion Training
  • Health & Safety Training
  • Online Safety
  • Introduction to Group theory Training
  • Introduction to Working With People With Disabilities Training
  • Introduction to the Psychodynamic perspective on behaviour Training
  • Men Involved in care work Training
  • Motivating People Training
  • Promoting independent living – Pathway Plans Training
  • Promoting the positive cultural and racial identity in minority groups Training
  • Promoting positive outcomes for children Training
  • Promoting significant Contact Training
  • Record Keeping (Communication) Training
  • Risk assessment in fostering services settings Training
  • Safeguarding unaccompanied children Training
  • Sexually Active Young People Training
  • Social Policy and Care Work Training
  • Working with Abused Children Training
  • Working with Anxiety and Depression Training
  • Working with Bereavement Training
  • Working with HIV & Aids Training

 Does Learning enable people to Pre EMPT® behaviour?

Why not attend our Diploma in Residential Care qualification course: Click Diploma in Residential Child Care – A5_FLYER_DIGITAL. secure pdf for more information.